Winching Service

Have you slid off the highway in an effort to avoid a deer? Did you run upon a hidden patch of ice while going around a curve on a winding country road, and end up in a marshy, muddy ditch you can’t get out of? Whatever the reason, these things happen, and when they do you need winching service.

What is winching service?  Our winching service consists of utilizing a hydraulic winch with 100 feet of wire-rope wound tight onto a spool. When arriving to the scene where service is required, we release the spool so that we can pull out enough wire-rope, or cable, to reach your vehicle. Once we have securely attached the recovery chain or strap to your vehicle, we then lock the spool and engage the motor to safely remove your vehicle.

  • Accident Winching

  • Slide-Offs

  • Stuck in the Mud Winching

  • Fast & Affordable Winching Service

  • Safe & Damage-Free

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Towing Service Testimonials

“Truly the best. I could not have been more pleased with the service. Charlie was fantastic and arrived quickly. He was friendly, efficient and sensitive to our situation. If I ever find myself in need of a tow again, I know who I will be calling. I appreciate your hard work!”

Paige Ferchau

“My call was promptly answered, and Charlie came to my rescue! He was friendly, knowledgeable, and fast. He came to jump my car, but then towed it to my mechanic shop because I was nervous to drive it. Reasonably priced tow. I will use their services again, and I’ve already given out his business cards to my friends and family. I’d give 6 stars if I could.”

Erin Joseph

“Charlie has been nothing short of amazing. Both times I have needed assistance he has been at my car in less than 20 minutes. Awesome service and very efficient and will get you on your way on a jiffy. Call him! (Spare tire change and battery jump)

Nicole Carlson

Winching Service

Who should you trust to provide winching service for your vehicle?

Depending upon the severity of your situation, a passerby with a tow rope might have the ability to get you out of the snow, or extract your vehicle from a shallow ditch. However, whether or not a fellow commuter with a tow rope has the ability to get you out, should not be your only concern.

When providing winching services on cars, trucks, and other vehicles, safety is our highest priority. Your safety and the safety of the other passengers in your car, the safety of other motorists traveling in and around the area, and the safety of our tow truck operators, are always top of mind.

We take great care in ensuring that the equipment we use is properly maintained and is exactly what’s needed for the job at hand, plus all of our tow truck operators are properly educated in their use, and have a proper understanding of the load limits and capabilities of the wire-rope and winch motor being used.  And we are 100% properly insured under the requirements for the state of Illinois.

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Winching Service

  • Car Winching

  • Stuck In Snow

  • Iced Road Conditions

  • Equipment Winching

  • Accident Winching

  • Muddy Ditches

  • Emergency Winching Service

  • Lawnmower Winching

  • Box Truck Winching

  • Over A Curb Winching

  • Miscellaneous Services

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Motor Vehicle Accident Recovery Services

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Snow Winching Service


Weather in Dupage County, Illinois can be un predictable at times. But you can sure bet that during the Winter months we’re going to receive more than our fair share of snow.  And when the snow flies the chances of accidents occurring increase substantially.  If you find yourself down an embankment due to a slide-off count on Westmont Towing to get you out. We are your trusted resource in the towing business.

Off-Road Recovery


Once the weather starts to clear up many of us like to get away from the stresses of the big city, which, to some, means seeking solitude in the woods.  But sometimes during these excursions it can be hard to discern between a solid roadway and one that’s going to give way as soon as you drive on it. If you find yourself stuck in the mud, just spinning your wheels, don’t ruin your clothes, give us a call. If we can get to you, we’ll get you out.

Redirection Winching


Sometimes a motor vehicle accident results in your car or truck ending up in a hard to reach location. Don’t let that bother you. We have all the tools and equipment necessary to extract your wrecked vehicle from whatever position it lands in. With the use of what’s called a “snatch-block,” which is basically a commercial grade pulley, we have the ability to change the direction of any pull, resulting in a successful recovery.

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When you are at one of the most vulnerable times in your life, like being involved in a motor vehicle accident, you deserve a helping hand from someone you can trust. While most towing companies out there say that they are your trusted resource in the towing business, we prove it. With more than 200 5 star reviews on Google alone, and another 200 on various other platforms, like FaceBook and Yelp, you can see for yourself that we do what we say we’re going to do. Which is help provide an affordable solution to your stressful situation. If your car is off the roadway for whatever reason, and you need winching service, you can rest assured that the professionals at Westmont Towing Superior Roadside Assistance can get it. Call Now 630-448-8219.